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Luxury Crown Pen - Black & 24k Gold

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Experience the pinnacle of luxury pens with Elizo's Italian-designed masterpiece. Adorned with a 24 karat gold plated trim and a high gloss black lacquer finish, it's not just a pen but a statement. Each pen, crowned with a distinct eight-sided gold diamond cut, is housed in a genuine leather case, marrying luxury with protection. Beyond its looks, its performance is powered by SCHMIDT Technology, ensuring smooth and precise writing. For collectors or as a treasured gift, Elizo's pen epitomizes elegance and utility.
SKU: 810061672180

What's Included - Pen, Gift Box, Leather Case, Extra Refill



In the panorama of opulent writing instruments, an Elizo luxury pen stands as more than just a device—it represents a confluence of style and purpose. With scrupulous attention to detail, our pens redefine the nuances of distinguished writing, merging beauty with profound articulation. Every line you pen with Elizo captures a moment, solidifies an agreement, or etches a lasting tradition.



Core to an unmatched writing journey is the choice of refill. We've opted for the esteemed German Technology Schmidt Refills, symbols of writing mastery. Hailing from Germany, these refills have redefined the writing realm, promising fluid ink delivery and unmatched steadiness. When you pair an Elizo pen with such a refill, each word captures meticulousness and ardor. Experience the harmonious blend of Elizo's craftsmanship and German Technology Schmidt Refills for a writing experience second to none.