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Premium Full-Grain Leather Journals

Vintage journals have an antique-looking, rustic, and distressed look to them. They appeal to anyone who loves the old-fashioned and retro aesthetics. These journals evoke nostalgia and longing for the past. They allow you to step back in time and write like the great writers, philosophers, and artists of our history.

Types And Uses 

Vintage-looking journals come in all forms and sizes. Vintage can mean anything, from the Victorian style of the 1890s, the art deco style of the 1920s, the hippie style of the 1960s, etc.

The look and feel of a vintage journal depend a lot on the material and color of its cover and pages. For vintage journals using leather, the resulting style depends on the color of the leather. Leather covers with warm natural colors like brown or tan make for journals that are antique, rural, and rustic looking. Leather covers that are black or brightly colored give off a more modern, urban, and sleek look.

Antique and rustic leather pairs better with paper pages that are dark-colored, stained, or deckle edge. Modern-looking leather covers, on the other hand, go better with creamy light-colored paper pages.

Uses For A Leather Journal

An antique and rustic leather journal can be used for several general-purpose and special types of journaling such as:  

Diary and Daily Journal – You can use any type of journal for your diary, but a vintage and rustic leather journal adds romance and nostalgia to your entries. If you love this kind of aesthetic, this can motivate you to be more diligent in recording your daily experiences, thoughts, and emotions.  

Art Journal – Art journaling is less structured than a diary and the majority of the pages are filled with sketching, drawing, doodling, painting, etc. Using vintage and rustic leather journals can elevate your art and give it a timeless look.

Sketch Pad – Similar to art journaling but without the writing, you can use a vintage leather journal to make your sketches appear old. This is very useful if you are doing vintage or old-style drawings.   

Junk Journal – Junk journaling is where you upcycle junk or discarded materials into a journal. This involves less writing or drawing and focuses more on curating your objects or ‘junk’. A vintage and rustic leather journal with thick paper and strong binding is the ideal journal for this purpose. It also adds to the ‘old and used’ character of any junk.

Bible Journal – If you are a Christian, a Bible journal is a staple for you to live a Bible-led life. The look and feel of a vintage rustic leather journal pair well with the aesthetics of the Bible. It makes you feel like you’re writing on parchment paper. This can inspire you to keep to your devotions.

Spell Book – A spell book journal is useful for Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, etc. who want to keep track of magic spells and record their progress. Recording your journey in magic using a vintage leather journal is like reconnecting with the past’s mystical and medieval era.

Book of Shadows – This is similar to the spell book journal but has more personal and detailed contents. A thick journal with an antique look fits the Book of Shadows aesthetic best.

Adventure Journal – This is for the adventurer who needs a sturdy and tough but still stylish journal. You’d want a rustic leather journal if you imagine yourself like the travelers and explorers in the past. There’s no better way to keep records of your adventures and travel discoveries.

Premium Full Grain Leather For ELIZO™ Vintage Journals

We only use premium full grain leather for our vintage journals. Full grain leather is considered the best leather type for its superb water resistance and durability. This leather undergoes our painstaking handmade process to give you the style and quality you are paying for.

Our leather materials come with natural colors and textures that are one-of-a-kind because no two leather pieces are the same. This unique look and feel will further develop a special character and improve over time.

Our leather vintage journals also use the same premium leather for the other parts and features of the journal. These features include a heavy-duty strap, strong spine binding, built-in bookmark, and external pen holder.

The ELIZO™ Promise – Our Guarantee To You

We take pride in our artisans’ dedication to the art of leatherworking which is at the core of our company’s values. We also have complete trust in our time-tested process and standard operating procedures that assure quality every single time. Hence, we guarantee your total and complete satisfaction with every purchase of an ELIZO™ product.

If for any reason we fail your expectations for our products and you receive a vintage leather journal that is not to your liking, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. We promise to make things right and replace or refund your purchase – no questions asked!

Multifunctional Vintage Leather Journals For Men and Women

When you order a vintage leather journal, you can choose between two types of specialty paper: deckle edge or natural lined. Deckle edge paper has more of a discolored vintage look and gives your journal a rustic and distressed feel. Natural lined paper is a good choice if you want lines in your writing journal.

Whichever paper you choose, you get a hand-pressed cotton thick paper that will not allow bleeding or blotting of ink from pens or any painting medium. Hand-pressed papers have a subtle unique texture that elevates your writing, painting, scrapbooking, sketching, and other artistic expressions.

Our vintage journals are available in compact and handy sizes that can fit any journaling need. Find the ideal one for your diary, art journal, junk journal, sketch pad, bible journal, daily journal, spell book, book of shadows, adventure journal, and others.

The Ideal Gift 

Our handmade vintage leather journal is the perfect gift to get for yourself and your loved ones. For this purpose, every vintage journal you buy already comes with a gift bag. Anyone looking for an old-fashioned journal will love to get this as a gift. 

This journal can be personalized for a fitting gift for any occasion, be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or Mother’s Day. Black Friday deals for this item are also worth watching out for.