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Article: Leather Travel Journal: Best Travelers Notebook

Leather Travel Journal: Best Travelers Notebook

A traveler's notebook is a writer's best travel companion. Recording your travel memories, random thoughts, and travel reflections can be a life-changing exercise. And you need the best traveler's notebook to do that.

In this article, we'll show you why a travel journal with leather covers is the best traveler's notebook out there.

Uses And Benefits Of Travel Journals

But first, why do you need a travel journal, and why is it still relevant in this modern day and age?

Plan And Organize Your Trip

Keeping a travel journal makes planning for your future trips fun and enjoyable. It removes the stress of rushing around for last-minute trip requirements. By keeping a travel journal, you can independently research and learn more about your destinations.

Record Your Emotions

While cameras capture memories through photos and videos of your trip and new adventures, writing in a travel journal records your feelings and emotions as you experience them. Reading about what you felt seeing Machu Picchu the first time is not the same as seeing the pictures you took when you saw it.

Store your Keepsakes

A travel journal is also useful for keeping mementos from your trip. You can keep postcards, ticket stubs, business cards, and even press flowers or leaves from your trip. Keeping these not only preserves your memories but also serves as travel inspiration for your next trip.

Take Important Notes

Keeping travel journals is also an excellent way for you to record important notes and reminders that can be helpful to you and other people in the future. It's also beneficial if you're an avid traveler and want to track your progress and improvement with every trip.

Things To Consider

What do you want to look for when shopping for a traveler's notebook? The following are the things you need to consider before buying a travel journal.


The size of a travel journal depends on your preference and journaling style, which can vary from person to person. You can choose from journals as small as B7 (about 4x5 in.) up to as large as B5 (around 7x10 in.). Large journals give you more space for writing and sketching, but smaller ones are ideal for quick note-taking and convenient to keep in the pockets of your clothes or bags.

You can only decide on your ideal size for a travel journal by trying out different sizes. This way, you can actually feel and choose which is the most convenient size for you. You have to find your personal Goldilocks size, which is the one that has just the right amount of writing space and gives just the right amount of bulk when you're traveling.

Cover Material

The cover material of a travel journal keeps the pages of the journal together while protecting them against water, heat, and physical damage. Thus, journal covers must be made from durable and long-lasting material with high-quality binding that will stay strong against harsh travel conditions.

Although you need a durable cover to protect your travel journal, you don't need something as heavy as a hard cover. Also, a hard cover is stiff and not travel-friendly. You need a lightweight and flexible cover for a travel journal.

Paper Pages

The paper pages of a traveler's notebook are as essential as the notebook's cover material. Before buying a travel journal, you need to consider the type of pages you'll get. You need high-quality paper that is not easy to tear or is prone to ink bleeding through and smudging.

Travel journals also come with different paper types and colors. You can choose to have blank pages, lined pages, dot grid pages, or square grid pages for your travel journal. White paper is the default color, but you can choose to have cream-colored deckle edge paper for that rustic ‘old-school travel notebooks’ look.


A travel journal doesn't need to have extra pockets or compartments, but it has to have some basic accessories at least. These accessories make your travel journal easier to use while you're on the road.

One useful accessory to look for is a strong closing strap or band for securing your notebook cover and pages together. You also want a traveler's notebook that has a built-in pen holder to keep your writing tool handy and a bookmark to make it easier for you to return to any page you mark on your journal.


A traveler's notebook has to have a versatile page format that can be used for any type of journaling, such as bullet journaling, travel diary, to do lists, travel tips, etc. Using a refillable notebook allows you to do these different journaling types without the need for a separate journal.

You can also use paper refills or notebook inserts to customize your travel journal. These refills or inserts should be easy to remove and replace and must have the same quality as the original pages.

Why A Leather Journal Makes the Best Traveler's Notebook

Leather is the most popular choice for traveler's notebook for its classical look and style that fits everyone. Below are other advantages of a leather journal over other types of travel journals.

Leather Is Functional

Not only is leather stylish and smart-looking, but it is also effective in protecting your journal pages from water and other physical damage. Leather journals made from high-quality full grain leather are durable yet flexible and lightweight to pack.

Leather Is Versatile

Leather has a versatile look that fits any style and any travel destination. You can take a leather travelers notebook on a business trip or trekking trip. You can also include multiple notebook inserts and journals in any way you like.

Leather Is Itself A Keepsake

A traveler's notebook with a full grain leather cover develops a unique patina that ages beautifully over time. The longer you use it, the more it gathers markings that remind you of your trips. Thus, your journal's leather cover also captures memories from your travels to add to the journaling you do within its pages.

Your Travels Deserve The Best!

Traveling is a life-changing experience, and you need something to document this experience. You can always take photos and videos with your phone or write about it on your laptop, but nothing beats writing in a journal and keeping a physical record of your thoughts and emotions.

If you're looking for the best travelers notebook to record and preserve your travels and adventures, check out our leather journals collections here.

Please don't hesitate to comment below to share your thoughts on the best traveler's notebook for you. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions regarding this article or our products.

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