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Article: Pen Holder Case: A Must-Have For Your Pens And Pencils

Pen Holder Case: A Must-Have For Your Pens And Pencils

Pen holders or cases protect your pens and make sure they look good, and work correctly each time you use them. They are a must-have, whether for your expensive collector's edition fountain pen or your daily writing ballpen.

Why Get A Pen Case Or Holder?

Getting a case or holder for your pens is an added cost to owning them, but a good pen case is an investment that gives long-term benefits for your beloved writing instruments. The following are the benefits you'll enjoy with your pen case or holder.


Pen cases help you organize and keep track of your pens, pencils, and other writing tools so that you can easily and rapidly access them. Pen cases also help transport your pens so they can travel with you and always be near you when you need them.

Security And Protection

Keeping your precious pens in sturdy cases protects them from damage caused by the elements and daily use. Using pen cases and holders gives you the security and peace of mind that your writing essentials are safe and protected wherever you go.

Distinct Style

A pen case or holder is a practical yet stylish way to store your beloved writing instrument. You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs for the one that reflects your personal aesthetics and complements the look of your pen or pencil.

Where Do You Keep Your Pen?

The type of pen holder or case you need depends on where you keep your pen. Below are the types of storage you need for your pens and pencils in relation to how you use them and where you keep them.

On Your Desk

Your office or study desk should always have a pen or pencil ready when you need them. Thus, when looking for pen cases for your desk, your main goal is accessibility. You need a pen holder that is stable and sturdy to keep your pen on your desktop and within your reach.

The ideal pen or pencil holder for your desk is a pen organizer that can keep and organize all other desk items like markers, sticky notes, scissors, rulers, tape, etc. A table organizer with pen slots, cup holder, or pen tray is the most common choice out there.

Some desktop pen cases have versatile designs that you can use both for desktop storage and traveling purposes. A pen holder with a hard case and stand-up design is perfect if you want a portable and lightweight case that you can use as a temporary tabletop holder for your office or school desk.

In Your Bag

Your everyday carry bag can hold as many or as few pens as you want. You can choose from a wide variety of case holder styles and sizes that fit your storage needs. But you also have to consider the size of your bag and the weight and bulk of your pen case or holder.

You can go for slim pen cases that have pen loops or slots for one to three items or simple fuss-free pen sleeves. If you want a more secure pen holder with a closing mechanism, flap pen cases or zippered holders are the way to go. You can keep these simple and compact pen holder types in your shirt pocket or jacket pocket for the ultimate accessibility and convenience.

You can also choose a multi-functional pen and pencil case that can hold more pens and other writing tools like notebooks and notepads. Some of these larger pen cases even have card slots to keep your credit cards, IDs, and even some money. Leather pen pouches are a popular type of multi-functional pen case that can hold other stationery and essential items like erasers, ink refills, keys, cards, money, USB flash drive, etc.

Other types of pen cases or holders you can keep in your bag are leather pen rolls and pen traveler cases. The artistic and old-fashioned pen roll is a piece of leather with slots to keep your pens and writing instruments, which you can roll and unroll to access them. 

The pen traveler case is for the on-the-go pen collector. It is useful if you need to store your special pen collection at home safely but also need a suitable traveling case when attending a pen show or convention.

On Display

A pen holder is useful even when your pens are not in use. If you are a collector, your growing collection can benefit from a pen holder or case that you can display. It’s a great way to secure and protect your collection while you and other people enjoy having your pens on display.

Wooden pen stands or boxes are the most common pen holder or case for displaying your writing instruments. Most have glass covers for showcasing your beautiful collection, but some have wooden lids for pens that are sensitive to light. Wooden pen cases are affordable and display-friendly, having soft velvet lining and stackable features.

Most types of pen or pencil holders for display are intended for multiple-pen collections, but there are also single-pen display types of holders or pen rests. You can use a single-pen display case for the star of your pen or pencil collection.

Another type of pen holder or case that you can display is the pen stand. But unlike other display cases, you can have an unsealed or uncovered pen stand. An unsealed display makes your pen accessible when you want to use it but can also expose it to dirt and moisture that can damage it over time.

What Are You Waiting For?

Don't wait for your favorite pens or pencils to get damaged before you get them a suitable carry case or holder. Remember that anything that can happen will happen.

Click here to look into our beautiful leather products which can keep your pen safe and secure in style. 

Please feel free to contact us for further questions or leave a comment below if you find this article helpful.

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