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Genuine Leather Book & Notebook Covers

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Premium Leather Book Covers

Book covers give a personal touch to any book, notebook, or journal. And a leather cover is what you’d use if you need a simple yet stylish look for your book, etc. Leather is naturally water-resistant and durable, protecting your book from water and other damages.  

Book Cover Types And Styles     

Book covers come in many types and styles. Choose from the common types below for the perfect type for your books or notebooks.

Plastic Book Cover

Book covers made from plastic can come in different thicknesses and colors. Thin plastic covers are cheap and serve the purpose of protecting books from dust and water damage. Transparent plastic covers allow you to keep the original book cover design, while colorful ones appeal to cheerful and playful aesthetics.

Thin plastic covers work best for hardbound books that already have a stiff structure to them. Thicker plastic covers are needed for softbound or paperback books. They give a stronger structure and better prevent tearing or scratching of the original book cover.

Fabric Book Cover

Book covers can also be made from fabrics of just about any type. Fabric book covers work best if they are correctly glued on thick paper boards so that the fibers stay fixed and stable. Medium-weight fabrics like denim felt and thick canvas is common materials for fabric book covers.  

Fabric book sleeves are ideal for hardbound books and give them a unique custom-made look. Fabrics are not recommended for softbound books because their soft paperback cover is not stiff enough to support the fabric.

Leather Book Cover

Leather is a fabric-like material but has the toughness and strength of plastic. Natural and high-quality leather is soft and gives any book or notebook a high-end look and feel. Leather is also water and scratch-resistant and is thus an ideal book cover.

Leather book covers are soft and supple enough for hardbound books yet adequately stiff for softbound books. Leather is more expensive than other book cover materials, but leather book covers are long-lasting and can be reused over and over again.  

Only Premium Full Grain Leather  

We only use premium full-grain leather for our leather book covers. Full-grain leather is considered the best leather type for its superb water resistance and durability. This leather undergoes our painstaking handmade process to give you the style and quality you are paying for.

Our leather materials come with natural colors and textures that are one-of-a-kind because no two leather pieces are the same. This unique look and feel will further develop a special character and improve over time.

Our leather book covers also use the same high-quality leather for their built-in multi-card holders, pen holders, and adjustable strap locks.

The ELIZO™ Promise – Our Guarantee To You

We take pride in our artisans’ dedication to the art of leatherworking which is at the core of our company’s values. We also have complete trust in our time-tested process and standard operating procedures that assure quality every single time. Hence, we guarantee your total and complete satisfaction with every purchase of an ELIZO™ product.

If for any reason we fail your expectations for our products, and you receive a leather book cover that is not to your liking, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. We promise to make things right and replace or refund your purchase – no questions asked!

Multifunctional Book And Notebook Covers 

Our leather book covers can be used for hardbound/hardcover and softbound/paperback books. You can even use them for your spiral or softcover notebooks. You only need to measure your book or notebook carefully to get the size that best fits it.

Our leather book covers have a soft and smooth leather finish, making any book or notebook easy to hold and carry around with you. The surface of natural leather is also resistant to puncture and scratch, giving high protection to your books and notebooks.

Our leather book covers also have additional features like a multi-pocket organizer for your credit cards, calling cards, or pocket money. There is also a pen holder to keep a writing tool handy for note-taking. The adjustable magnetic brass lock is also helpful for keeping your books and notebooks secure, even with varying thicknesses.

The Ideal Gift 

Our handmade leather book covers are the ideal gifts for yourself and the bookworms and writers in your life. The artist who loves carrying around a sketching or doodling pad will also adore these stylish leather covers.

Every purchase of our leather book covers includes a personalized leather cover and a gift bag. Each set is a fitting gift for any occasion, whether Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or Father’s/Mother’s Day. Black Friday deals for this item are also worth watching out for.