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Leather Desk Mat Set (3mm) Double layer (Antique)

Sale price$79.97 Regular price$124.97
Upgrade your office space with Elizo's leather desk mat set, the premier choice for those seeking a fusion of elegance and functionality. This best desk mat, presented in a striking antique brown, is crafted from premium full-grain leather, delivering both a visually stunning appearance and practical use. Its rich texture enhances your desk's aesthetic while providing protection against scratches and spills, striking a perfect balance between beauty and purpose. Suited for the tech-rich modern workspace, this mat offers a physical touchpoint to traditional artisanship. Whether serving as a computer desk mat, a base for writing, or simply as a statement piece, Elizo's desk mat elevates every task. Personalize your workspace with our custom desk mat offering. Embrace the combination of classic craftsmanship and modern utility with Elizo's large desk mat.
SKU: 810061672142

What's Included - Desk Pad, Valet Tray, Coaster, Gift Bag

Leather Desk Mat Set (3mm) Double layer (Antique)
Leather Desk Mat Set (3mm) Double layer (Antique) Sale price$79.97 Regular price$124.97


Full Grain Leather

Elizo's desk pads are crafted from the finest full grain leather, embodying unmatched quality and durability. This top-tier leather ages gracefully, developing a unique patina that speaks of its authentic heritage. Every touch connects you to a legacy of craftsmanship, ensuring your workspace isn't just functional, but truly timeless.

Made to last A Lifetime


Every Elizo desk pad leather product is a culmination of hours spent by our dedicated artisans. From selecting the best leather to the meticulous saddle stitching, each process is approached with an artisanal touch. It's not just about creating a product; it's about crafting a legacy.