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Leather Tote Bags Carryall for Women

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Full-Grain Premium Leather Tote Bags

The perfect tote bag is strong and built to withstand daily use. It should be large enough to hold work or school items like binders, books, notebooks, and devices like your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It should also be versatile for use for any occasion: from weekday work or school settings to after-office parties or weekend getaways.

Tote Bag Types: Choose The Perfect One For You!

If you can only have one bag in your life, then the tote bag is the style you want to have. What are the different types of tote bags out there, and how do you choose the best bag to buy?

To answer that, you first need to consider the size you need. Ask yourself how much stuff do you intend to place in your tote bag? Next is to consider where you are taking your bag with you. Will you use it to go to work, to travel, to the market, to the beach, etc.?

Look into some of the tote bag types below to decide the type that’s best for you:

Baby Tote Bag

A spacious and heavy-duty bag that can carry essentials for your baby or toddler. It has multiple compartments and pockets that can keep and organize diapers, baby wipes, formula powder, bottles, water, etc. It’s common for baby tote bags to have a soft texture and colorful designs or prints.

Beach Tote Bag

As its name suggests, a beach tote bag is handy in taking everything you need for a trip to the beach. It is spacious enough for your beach essentials like clothes, slippers, a towel, toiletries, and devices. Water-proof materials are ideal, but natural materials like jute or rattan give it a beachy look and feel.

Printed Tote Bag

Tote bags with prints can be made from any type of printable fabric like canvas, cloth, nylon, etc. These are inexpensive materials and this style is easy to make, making printed tote bags a favorite style for promotional giveaways or purchase freebies.

Foldable Tote Bag

A foldable tote bag is useful when you need an extra bag to carry your items. Any kind of synthetic or natural material can be used as long as they are lightweight and wrinkle-proof. Foldable tote bags are handy to have when traveling or shopping.

Market Tote Bag

Another common cloth or canvas bag, the market tote bag, is a practical and sturdy bag for carrying your purchases at the market. It has a large capacity, an unfastened wide mouth, and a simple design for easy washing and reusing.

Picnic Tote Bag

The picnic tote bag is useful for keeping food and drinks for outdoor parties. This type of bag is sturdy, has a large capacity, and has functional pockets and handles. Some modern designs are even equipped with insulating materials to keep food and drinks warm or cool until they are ready to be enjoyed.

Work Tote Bag

A work tote bag has a smaller capacity than most tote bags, but it should be enough to comfortably carry work essentials like laptops, tablets, phones, file binders, and notebooks. It needs to have additional pockets for other daily use items like a purse, makeup kits, and even extra shoes or a change of clothes. The most common work tote bag material is leather for its versatile and stylish look and durability.

Travel Tote Bag

Travel tote bags can vary in size, depending on the quantity of your stuff and the duration of your travel. There is an almost endless number of designs for travel tote bags, but they all have to have enough pockets for organized and accessible travel items. Leather travel tote bags can be expensive, but they are a cost-effective choice for their stylish and structured appearance, durability, and strength.

Premium Full Grain Leather by ELIZO™

We only use premium full grain leather for our leather tote bags. Full grain leather is considered the best leather type for its superb water resistance and durability. This leather undergoes our painstaking handmade process to give you the style and quality you are paying for.

Our leather materials come with natural colors and textures that are one-of-a-kind because no two leather pieces are the same. This unique look and feel will further develop a special character and improve over time.

Our leather tote bags only come with high-quality and sturdy hardware to complement our premium leather. Sturdy hardware further reinforces the strength of the bags and improves their weight-carrying ability.

The ELIZO™ Promise – Our Guarantee To You

We take pride in our artisans’ dedication to the art of leatherworking which is at the core of our company’s values. We also have complete trust in our time-tested process and standard operating procedures that assure quality every single time. Hence, we guarantee your total and complete satisfaction with every purchase of an ELIZO™ product.

If for any reason we fail your expectations for our products and you receive a leather tote bag that is not to your liking, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. We promise to make things right and replace or refund your purchase – no questions asked!

Multifunctional Leather Tote Bags For Women

Our multifunctional leather tote bags are perfect for a woman like you who is always on the go. It can easily transition from day to night for your outside office meetings or end-of-the-day parties. These bags are also excellent overnight or weekend bags, their size being perfect for carryall when flying or traveling.

Equipped with spacious compartments and pockets, our leather tote bag can help you compartmentalize and isolate your essentials for easy access. A built-in key holder is also available so you never have to fish for your keys at the bottom of your bag again.

The design of our leather tote bags is chic and timeless, having a classic shape, and a strap length that never goes out of style. The seamless look on the front and back also adds to its classic and versatile look.

Find the perfect leather tote bag for you by choosing your desired size and color. You also have the choice between having a zippered or non-zippered main bag opening.

The Ideal Gift 

Our handmade leather tote bags are the ideal gift for the women in your life, and even for yourself! Every woman juggling her career and personal life will love this bag. 

A personalized leather tote bag is a fitting gift for any occasion, be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or Mother’s Day. Black Friday deals for this item are also worth watching out for. Choose from different sizes and leather colors to fit your or your loved one’s personal taste and style.