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Article: Travel Toiletry Bag: You Need It!

Travel Toiletry Bag: You Need It!
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Travel Toiletry Bag: You Need It!

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Yes, you need a travel toiletry bag. You can keep your toiletries in any old plastic bag or thin resealable pouch, but a handy and secure toiletry bag can save you from a lot of travel troubles. Say "Never again!" to spilled shampoos, missing toothbrushes, or broken mirrors or lipsticks.

Choosing Your Travel Toiletry Bag

There can be an overwhelming number of choices for toiletry bags on the market, and that’s because there is no one type of travel toiletry bag that fits everyone. Choosing the right bag for you starts with knowing what you need.

The quantity and type of your toiletries tell you what kind of travel toiletry bag you need. Don't go for the large toiletry bag that will be too roomy to secure your small items or too bulky for your luggage. On the other hand, don't buy a Dopp kit that's too small for all your stuff that they’d get crammed and end up spilling their contents while you're on the road.

What Makes The Best Toiletry Bags?

Three main qualities make the best toiletry bags. Look into a bag's style, functionality, and quality when shopping for the best toiletry bag that fits your needs.


The style of a travel toiletry bag means its overall look or appearance. How your bag looks and fits with your aesthetics influence how often you use it. You can buy the most convenient and highest quality bag you can find, but you are not likely to use it if you don't like how it looks.

Before buying your next toiletry bag, consider how you like the way it looks on its own and together with your luggage and other travel items. Don't get a large multi-pocketed kit if you are a minimalist, or get a rustic bag if you need something more sleek or modern to fit your overall style.


The functionality of toiletry bags simply means how they serve their purpose in organizing and transporting your travel essentials. The best travel toiletry bags are effective in holding all your stuff together yet still convenient to take with you to any destination.

Think of your traveling purposes before deciding which toiletry bag to buy. Depending on your purpose, you may want a simple and compact toiletry bag or a larger bag that has multiple interior pockets or compartments. You also want to get a versatile bag that can be used for any occasion and can securely hold all the varying sizes of your toiletries.


A high-quality toiletry bag must be durable, long-lasting, and worth its price. Choose the bag made from sturdy and water resistant materials that will be strong against the elements or rough usage. Make sure to get one that you can use for a long time and will give you your money's worth.

Toiletry bags come with a wide range of prices, so you can choose which is the best fit for your budget. But don't go for cheap toiletry bags that you will only use a couple of times or so. Also, a higher price doesn't always mean high quality; always look into the material and construction before investing in a pricey toiletry bag.

The Best Toiletry Bags For Traveling

When choosing the best travel toiletry bag from a vast sea of options, it helps to know the best types out there. The following are the best types of toiletry bags on the market and their pros and cons for you to consider.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

A hanging travel toiletry bag comes with a hanging hook or loop so you can hang your bag onto a towel rod or the back of a bathroom door. A hanging toiletry bag is convenient because you get organized and accessible toiletries without the need to unload all your stuff. You can hang your bag, opened or unopened, and get what you need whenever you need them.

Hanging your bag for a long time can distort the shape, especially if you have heavy personal items and the bag material is flimsy or thin. Hooks or straps can also give way if they are not made of sturdy materials. Make sure you get a hanging bag that is thick and structured and comes with a sturdy hanging accessory like a metal hook.

Compact Toiletry Bag

A compact toiletry kit is perfect for the light packer or traveler who travels with only the bare essentials. Small toiletry cases are also ideal for short trips and for holding everyday items you need to take to school or work. This type of toiletry bag fits your toothbrush, toothpaste, and travel-sized beauty products or grooming tools.

Compact toiletry bags come in different styles, but the most common is a zippered pouch with a clear plastic material. Compact bags need to have interior zipper pockets or compartments to secure loose items and prevent breakage or spillage. This style doesn't have enough space for your large bottles or full size bottles, but its TSA approved size is handy for your flights.

Leather Toiletry Bag

The leather toiletry bag is a classic type for a reason. Leather is durable, stylish, water resistant, and even looks better with time. Leather toiletry bags also come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. 

High-quality leather is an expensive material so prepare to pay extra for toiletry bags made from leather. You can get cheaper bags made from low quality, or fake leather, but you will not get the same experience. Real leather bags also need regular cleaning and maintenance, but you'll enjoy your leather toiletry bags for longer if you make the extra effort.

Large Toiletry Bag

A large toiletry bag is the type you want for long trips and a large quantity of items. This type is also perfect as a makeup bag or cosmetics case. It has a huge main compartment to carry your large size items and compartments or internal mesh pockets, holding smaller and more delicate makeup products or makeup brushes. 

While giving ample space for personal items or the whole family’s toiletries, some large toiletry bags can be too large for your suitcase. Also, a large bag may not be TSA approved as a carry on case. It always helps to check and compare a toiletry bag's dimensions with those of your suitcase and the TSA limits before buying it.

Personalized Toiletry Bag

A personalized bag for your toiletries is a great buy for yourself or as a gift to someone. Some brands offer you choices on the attachments or accessories, and other brands give you options in customizing colors, monogramming, or engraving/embossing your name.

With these personalized toiletry bags, you get a unique product that, unsurprisingly, can come at expensive prices. Some brands give free options to personalize your order, so you can watch out for those deals. Ordering bulk with your friends and family is another way to get cheaper personalized bags, with some brands offering discount prices on specific quantities.

Packing Your Toiletry Bag

Whatever type you choose, the success of your trips and adventures depends on a well-packed toiletry bag. The following are some reminders when packing your toiletry bags.

Get the right size

The perfect size of a travel toiletry bag is the one that fits all your essentials but is still TSA compliant. You should be able to keep your essentials near you in case of emergencies, so you need a suitable toiletry bag for your carry on bags. Don’t keep your toiletry bag inside your checked luggage or you risk not accessing your essentials in case of canceled flights or lost luggage.

Go waterproof

No matter how tight you pack or seal your toiletries, there's always that one item that is prone to leaking. Don't risk damaging your clothes and electronic gadgets by keeping your liquid items and makeup in cloth or canvas toiletry bags. You can even seal your liquid bottles with tape for added protection. 

Avoid sharp objects

Sharp objects like tweezers and nail clippers are not ideal for air travel. Don't keep them in your toiletry bag for your carry on. These items can also puncture your toiletry bag and compromise its water resistance and integrity.  

Don't overpack

Take only what you need when you travel. Don't overpack your toiletry bags with makeup you are not likely to use or grooming items you can do without for a few days. You don't need an entire bottle of shampoo if you are only staying away for a couple of days, for example. 

Protect delicate items

Some toiletries need extra care when you pack them. Your toothbrush, for example, needs the right cover or separate compartment to prevent it from bacteria contamination. Other delicate items to consider are eyeglasses, contact lenses, and medications. You need to keep these items in their separate and secure pockets in your toiletry bags. 

Your Travel Buddy!

Your travel toiletry bag holds and protects the essentials you need to stay clean, healthy, and beautiful while you are far from home. You need your toiletry bag to organize your essentials for easy access whenever you need them. With the right type of toiletry bag with you, you have the ultimate travel buddy that takes care of the things that take care of you!

If you want to know more about toiletry bags, click here to find out other benefits to using these travel must-haves. 

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