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Premium Leather Collapsible Trays 

Collapsible leather trays are a great accessory for anyone who loves playing dice and tabletop games. They are also useful for keeping miscellaneous items organized and collected in a dedicated spot. Decorative and functional, collapsible trays are essential in every home and office.

Valet & Dice Trays: Types and Uses

Valet or dice trays come in all shapes and sizes that can fit your purpose and taste. Valet trays are also called catchalls, accessory holders, or table organizers. They can serve a variety of purposes at home and in the office. The materials used for these general-purpose trays can be wood, porcelain, plastic, leather, and lots more.

Dice trays serve a more particular purpose, and that is to have a rolling surface that dampens the sound of your dice and, at the same time, protects them from scratches. Dice trays are essential for tabletop games such as role-playing games (RPGs) like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), miniature wargames, and board games.

Dice trays can be made with different types of materials. Hard materials like wood, porcelain, and plastic can be noisy to use and result in multiple bouncing of the dice. These are not the ideal material to use if you are using metal or lacquered dice.

Some dice trays are lined with felt, an inexpensive non-woven material. It is effective in dampening dice sounds, but its fibers can wear off over time. A similar issue can be encountered for dice trays lined with fabrics like velvet, cotton, and wool.

Synthetic rubber-like materials like neoprene and EVA foam are cheap materials that are leather-like in texture. They are effective for dampening dice sounds, have a soft and cushiony texture, and feel cool to the touch.

Leather is a durable and flexible material and is ideal for use as dice trays. Not only does it dampen the noise of the rolling dice, but it also protects the dice finish and coating. Leather is not a cheap material, and genuine, high-quality types can be expensive. But leather dice trays are attractive and fitting for fantasy RPGs like D&D.

Collapsible dice trays are the simple yet innovative version of the bulky dice trays. They allow for easy cleanup and storage when at home. They are also convenient to take with you when you have to play outdoors, making them perfect for camping, picnics, and game tournaments.

Premium Full Grain Leather for ELIZO™ Collapsible Trays

We only use premium full-grain leather for our collapsible trays. Full-grain leather is considered the best leather type for its superb water resistance and durability. This leather undergoes our painstaking handmade process to give you the style and quality you are paying for.

Our leather materials come with natural colors and textures that are one-of-a-kind because no two leather pieces are the same. This unique look and feel will further develop a special character and improve over time.

Our collapsible trays are made with durable and self-healing leather with sturdy quick-release snap-on buttons. You don’t have to be precious about these trays; they are low maintenance, and any scratches on them are easy to wipe off.

The ELIZO™ Promise – Our Guarantee To You

We take pride in our artisans’ dedication to the art of leatherworking which is at the core of our company’s values. We also have complete trust in our time-tested process and standard operating procedures that assure quality every single time. Hence, we guarantee your total and complete satisfaction with every purchase of an ELIZO™ product.

If for any reason we fail your expectations for our products, and you receive a collapsible tray that is not to your liking, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. We promise to make things right and replace or refund your purchase – no questions asked!

Multifunctional Collapsible Dice Trays For Playing and Organizing

Leather collapsible trays can be used in multiple ways indoors and outdoors. You can easily alternate using them for gaming, organizing, and storage. The quick-release snap-on buttons make it a breeze to assemble and fold or collapse when needed.

Our collapsible leather trays have the perfect dimensions for rolling your dice and for storing with your board game or keeping in your bag when done playing. It’s also perfect for containing items such as your cell phone, keys, wallet, change, jewelry, lighter, watch, etc.

Our version of the leather folding tray is a unique design. It has a square shape but with rounded corners, making it easy to fish your dice or trinkets. Unlike other collapsible leather trays on the market, there are no unsightly protruding straps and edges or corners where your dice or trinkets may get stuck in.

The Ideal Gift 

Our handmade leather collapsible trays are the ideal gift for the gamer or for someone who loves organizational products. A collapsible leather tray is a fitting gift for any occasion, be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or Father’s/Mother’s Day. Black Friday deals for this item are also worth watching out for. Choose from different leather colors to fit your or your loved one’s personal taste and style.


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